Elite escort entertainment in Dubai

Dubai is a city you always want to return to! And every time you return here, you get the impression that you are here for the first time. Probably no other city in the world is being built so quickly and efficiently. Even 10 years ago, the whole city life was in full swing around the Dubai Creek: in the Deira and Bur Dubai areas. And the Bastakiya district, from which the city actually began, is preserved and maintained to this day as an edification of young people who are accustomed to seeing from their window not an ancient Bedouin settlement with wind towers instead of air conditioners, but a modern metropolis of a planetary scale. Over the past decade, the city here has grown at least 6-7 times, as if stretching out the paws of construction progress towards Abu Dhabi ... Even during the crisis years, construction here has never completely subsided. Until recently, suffocated in traffic jams, today Dubai is one of the most thought-out cities in terms of transport. Police officers on the roads are being replaced by cameras, traffic lights are being replaced by modern interchanges, turnstiles of toll highways are special reading frames at which you don't even have to stop, metro drivers are being replaced by automation ... The network of metro stations is growing. Dubai Airport competes annually for the title of the best in the world.

What are the other adult entertainment options in Dubai besides the safari? Perhaps, knowing that the UAE is a Muslim country, you think that there is no nightlife here. However, this is not the case, on the contrary, the city is one of the most favorite places for "club" party-goers. Even just walking through Dubai at night, you will see many burning signs.

However, keep in mind that nightlife in Dubai is not always about alcohol. The consumption of alcoholic beverages by tourists is allowed, but not in public places, and alcohol will not be offered in every restaurant or cafe. In addition, nightlife venues stop working at a maximum of three in the morning, and even earlier during fasting and Muslim holidays. Single men may have problems accessing the club, while girls, on the contrary, often enjoy privileges - from free admission to discounts on cocktails.

Speaking of Dubai nightclubs, the following should be mentioned:

Cavalli -The face control at the entrance is very tight and the entrance costs a lot, but inside you will find incredibly stylish design and luxurious sound.

Nasimi Beach (near the Atlantis hotel) is a beach club where the best musicians of the planet perform and the brightest parties take place.

Budda Bar (Grosvenor House Dubai) is a bar-restaurant open at night and attracting fans of a quiet pastime. It is part of a network operating all over the world and is considered to be one of the most stylish bars in the city.

When going to nightlife, keep in mind that even the most democratic of them have a minimum dress code: in shorts and sandals, the entrance is open only to beach clubs.

Active travelers can easily find activities to their liking: water sports, skydiving, jeep safari in the desert, boat trips and fishing, horse racing, falconry and camel racing, polo, tennis, golf, auto and motorcycle sports, mountain skiing, water parks and much more. The most discerning tourists should definitely take advantage of our elite escort escort service.

For whatever purpose you decide to go on a tour to Dubai, it will always be able to give you what you expect from it: warm weather, high-quality service, oriental flavor framed by modern technologies, new impressions and complete travel satisfaction!